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Rob and Shelby did a great job working through my neck and shoulder issue. Rob gave me exercises to do at home and work.


Really helped me in a short amount of time!


I have been to Rob many times over the years. I have always been happy with the way I am treated. Rob really listens to me and comes up with a great plan that is very complete and helpful. He has helped me with 2 total knee replacements and various other issues.


I highly recommend Rob and Huxley Physical Therapy.


I've known Rob for over 25 years. He came to town while I was competing in high school sports at Ballard. Rob helped me through injuries from football and wrestling. I always felt Rob put my health and safety first. When he said my body was ready I knew I could compete again.

Over the years, Rob has helped me work through other injuries and I am really grateful for the care he has given me. He always walks you through the exercise to ensure you know what you are doing, and I never felt he made me come back for unnecessary visits like other places do.

Recently my child had an injury and Rob was the first person I thought of to help her out. We were very happy with the treatment she received. I feel lucky that we have such a great physical therapist in our community that we trust and respect. Huxley Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine is the place to go!


Rob has been instrumental to my back health over the years. Not only is Rob an excellent Physical Therapist but a true friend!


He will go above and beyond for you both personally and professionally.


Rob and his team provide quality care and strive to get you the help you need at your convenience! He listens to your concerns and goes above and beyond to get you back on the mend.


I would not go anywhere else for my PT needs!


Rob has always gone the extra mile to help me when I am in pain. I always feel better after my initial visit. He is definitely an asset to the community.


Rob has helped me twice in the past year regain my freedom of motion after exercise injuries. I have found him to be very knowledgeable and understanding of my issues.


You don't have to have a major injury to benefit from Rob's physical therapy services! He has helped me through numerous aches and pains and helped me realize I can work to get rid of long-term pain. That pinch in your back from clicking a computer mouse? That tightness in your lower back? Even ongoing tendonitis in your wrist or elbow? Rob will work with you to become stronger and get rid of the pain. PLUS, he is very helpful in working with your insurance—he makes it easy to handle the paperwork.

I'm so glad he is part of our community—give Huxley Physical Therapy a try!


Rob and Shelby did a great job working through my neck and shoulder issue. Rob gave me exercises to do at home and work. Really helped me in a short amount of time!


I went to Rob for post knee replacement physical therapy. Friendly atmosphere made therapy easier and my new knee is doing fantastic. Would highly recommend!


Rob and Shelby were great when figuring out exercises for my slight scoliosis.


They both have awesome communication skills to help anyone understand what exercises or actions they need to do very easily. I thank them both for their assistance.


I have been a patient of Huxley Physical Therapy for over 20 years.


Rob was nice enough to open up his hot tub for me to use as I was recovering. He has also done so much good for the Ballard athletic program and all their athletes.


Rob and Shelby are awesome.


I have been seeing them for back issues and they are very knowledgeable about the appropriate exercises to help with your recovery. Will always recommend them.


Huxley Physical Therapy has always been a GREAT place for me. I have been over the years for several things including small aches, pains, and even had surgery on my knee that I had to do some PT.


Each time I was at Huxley Physical Therapy I was treated exceptionally well. Rob always has a smile on his face and treats all patients very well. I have always been able to get back on my feet and feeling better.


Highly recommend Huxley Physical Therapy!!!


I have been using Huxley Physical Therapy & sports for many years. I have always been very happy with them.


I went in there one time with lower back issues. I could hardly walk into the building I was in so much pain. I was leaving for vacation in a week and I thought I was not going to be able to go.


Rob had me feeling much better and also gave me stretches to do. I was able to go on my vacation thanks to Rob and his team.


I would highly recommend Rob to anybody. I had a total knee replacement and he was very patient with me because I could hardly stand the pain after the surgery. Little did I know he would have me walking with no pain in a short period of time and not even limp. Always friendly and explained to me what he was going to do and the reason. Home exercises were explained in detail and even a picture to show how to do it.


Huxley PT is tops in my book and I wouldn't go anywhere else.


Rob was instrumental in my recovery from shoulder surgery and getting my knee back in shape after full knee replacement surgery. He also was able to help when I had vertigo.


I like that he gives back to the surrounding communities.


Thanks to Rob and crew, my knee surgery is a couple years behind me now. The staff is very knowledgeable and always willing to help patients heal quickly.


Rob went the extra mile to help me and I truly appreciate that! Thanks again!!!


I had shoulder replacement surgery a few years ago...Rob and staff were outstanding. Their knowledge of rehabilitation procedures was excellent—they took the time to explain yet listened to my individual questions/concerns. I progressed at an aggressive but comfortable pace!!!


Two total knee replacements one year apart. Many, many visits to Rob's place, on the table, on the equipment, stretching, moving with Rob's voice egging me on. Lots of joking around and stories heard and told. Because of Rob's expertise these 78 year old new knees let me do everything from stooping, kneeling and walking without any pain.


I highly recommend working with Rob when your need arises. Be sure to bring your humor and you will get a positive result.


Over the years I have used Huxley Physical Therapy services several times for post-surgical rehabs and a fall injury rehab.


Rob and Shelby are professional, friendly and encouraging during treatments.


Their appointment scheduling is very accommodating and the therapy sessions seem to fly by. Before you realize it, your physical situation has improved and you are discharged, until the next time…


I went to Rob for an issue I had with my shoulder.


Rob was very easy to understand when telling me what was wrong, and showed much compassion for how he wanted to treat my injury.  He helped me with a doable at home treatment plan and I'm feeling great again.


I would highly recommend Rob for any PT treatment!


I would highly recommend Huxley Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine.

Rob and Shelby are very knowledgeable, friendly, and caring about their patients. I've needed help with my back multiple times and they are always flexible to find time to get me in with my schedule.

[They also] provided me with stretches to complete everyday at home.


I highly recommend Huxley Physical Therapy.


Over the years Rob has helped me through a broken ankle and a shoulder injury, he does a great job of explaining things to me so I understand what we're doing and why—so I can get the most out of my rehab.


I'm bound to hurt myself again in the future and I wouldn't think of going to anybody but Rob for the rehab. I couldn't be more happy with what he's done for me.


I had a total knee replacement surgery in February and thanks to Rob and Shelby for all the physical therapy, they have gotten me back to being able to play some golf. 


The workouts were a little tough, but my determination to get better kept me going. We also met some very nice people that were experiencing the same thing that I was.


Thanks Rob and Shelby!


I have worked with Rob for over 20 years as both a coach and as an individual.


Rob is always willing to open early, stay late, and come in on the weekends to help the athletes. He always gave that personal attention that made the athletes feel comfortable and cared for.

Personally Rob is always willing to work around my busy schedule and give me the care to rehab an injury or help prevent further problems. I highly recommend Rob for all your physical therapy needs!


If you want to get yourself, son, or daughter back into competitive shape I would only go to Rob Drew. He is a class act and knows when you are ready or need to take more time off. He has helped every state championship team that has gone through Ballard and many individual wrestling state champions. His track record speaks for itself.


My kids and I have had to visit Rob for various injuries and recoveries over the years. I have known Rob for over 20 years. Rob makes your health and getting you back to 100% his main priority. He is knowledgeable, flexible, and a local businessowner of our community.


Rob and Shelby did a wonderful job of helping me recover from my frozen shoulder. They were patient with all my questions and gave me great practical insight on how to improve my overall function.


Highly recommend Huxley Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine! Rob is very knowledgeable and so pleasant and friendly to work with; flexible about setting appointment times that work best with my schedule; provides exercises to complete at home to speed up the recovery period. 10 out of 10!


Rob and Shelby are fantastic. They helped me thru two knee replacements last year. Rehab is never fun but they care about the patient and what is going on with them. I highly recommend them!


I can always call or text Rob and he can get me in for an appointment. I always leave feeling great. I love the exercises I get to do at home as well!


Rob and Shelby are true professionals who are passionate about their work and dedicated to providing the best possible care for their patients. They are knowledgeable, skilled, and attentive, and they take time to understand each patient's unique needs and concerns.


During my time at Huxley PT, I had the pleasure of working with both Rob and Shelby, and I was consistently impressed by their expertise and commitment to helping me achieve my goals. They provided me with personalized treatment plans that were tailored to my specific needs and adjusted as necessary to ensure my progress was on track.

Overall, I would highly recommend Huxley Physical Therapy to anyone seeking exceptional care and treatment. They are truly outstanding professionals who have made a positive impact on my health and well-being.


Huxley is lucky to have Rob Drew here in Huxley. Rob has helped me work through many injuries over the years and is always willing and eager to help. I have also referred many clients and members to him and have had other family members visit him as well.


I love that I can call or text him anytime and he can get me in quickly for an appointment.


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